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Leading Lights

Do You Know Who's In The Lead? - Now You Do!

Electrifying The Fan Experience! Racing is a fast paced sport where you need to stay engaged to follow the action and to know the “score”. You can try to rely on scoring pylons or big screen monitors to know the running order, but they may be difficult to see from hundreds of yards away and it takes your eyes and attention off the action.


Technology Has Enhanced The Fan Experience, But It Can Also Distract From The Track

Technology has helped fans connect with sports and improve the overall experience. LEADING LIGHTS™ keeps the fans focused on the racing!

Screen Technology Aids
Technology can make viewing more interesting:

  • Yellow First Down Marker on NFL® broadcasts

  • The Strike Zone Box on MLB® broadcasts

  • The Golf Ball Tracking System on PGA® broadcasts

  • Mobile applications and timing & scoring features

Mobile Ticketing
Easy access to E-tickets through web portals.

Watching more content on every device.

The Leading Lights™ System

Granted a United States patent, the LEADING LIGHTS™ Race Position System enables fans to see the running order while focusing on the racing action! First, Second and Third Place cars will display a unique colored light atop the car, automatically updated and controlled by the official time and scoring body. LEADING LIGHTS™ will quickly change the fan viewing experience with simple and clearly visible technology!

Our Team

Led by entrepreneur and motorsports patron, Turner J. R. Woodard, a team of engineers and strategists have been assembled to make the LEADING LIGHTS™ a reality.

Our Product

Prototypes are being developed to ensure the most reliable system is deployed on the race track. Andersen Promotions’ Road to Indy Series, including Indy Lights and USF 2000, have agreed to participate in the first LEADING LIGHTS™­ system deployment.

Our Security

The technology is based on a U.S. Patent owned by Turner J. R. Woodard. Thus, the LEADING LIGHTS™ system will be protected from competition.


1. Enables drivers to know who the leaders are and when they are approaching to pass.
2. The LEADING LIGHTS™ System alerts other drivers on who they’re trying to catch and over take.
3. Every cars LEADING LIGHTS™ switch to yellow on caution.

Bringing Leading Lights™ To Racing

FALL 2021
Prototype Development
Turner J.R. Woodard and his team will develop the first prototypes based on the LEADING LIGHTS™ patent.

The LEADING LIGHTS™ team will test the system on various race tracks.

FALL 2022
One or more of the Andersen Promotions’ series will deploy LEADING LIGHTS™ during racing competition.

Leading Lights™ For All Types Of Race Fans

With the LEADING LIGHTS™ Race Position System, fans in the stands can quickly identify competitors leading each race without taking their eyes and attention off the track.

Leading Lights
Leading Lights
Leading Lights
Leading Lights

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A Simple Idea For The Complex World Of Motorsports